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You need high-impact design, content marketing, and/or lead generation services.

Creation. Connection. Conversion. That’s what we do—and we do it like nobody else can. Our proven approach will elevate your brand, engage your audience, and fuel your funnel like never before.

You want to work with masterful creatives and strategists who maximize impact.

You’re serious about what you do. So are we. Our team is only interested in doing their very best work—work that transforms how our clients present their brand, engage with their audience, and grow their business.

You thrive on successful collaboration, and value the creative process.

We believe that capturing your brand’s full, authentic essence and translating it into effective creative solutions means rejecting mediocrity and perfunctory effort. We collaborate deeply with our clients, because we believe that’s the best way to successfully elevate every brand we serve. We have everything we need to succeed—the only thing missing is you.


Meet our team.

Designer -- Sienna

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Creative heart. Strategic mind. As Mozaic Collective’s CCO, Sienna Roman oversees every aspect of the agency’s design initiatives. An award-winning designer and entrepreneur, Sienna’s deep experience elevating a wide variety of brands with exquisite design gives our clients a competitive (and creative) edge.

Designer -- Sienna

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dionisio brings nearly a decade of razor-sharp business intelligence to his role as CEO. An investor, entrepreneur, and seasoned analyst, Dionisio is steeped in high-level business strategy. His experience and insight guide Mozaic Collective in serving clients with uncommon excellence and professionalism.

Designer -- Sienna

Managing Director

Our clients insist on excellence. As Managing Director, Kyle is the one who makes it happen. With extensive client relationship management experience and a background in marketing, design, and strategy, Kyle’s job is to ensure that we provide our clients with maximum strategic value. (And he’s really, really good at his job.)

Designer -- Sienna

Assistant Manager, Visual Communications

Skyler knows that every person—and every brand—has a unique story to tell. Drawing from his wide-ranging experience in media, production, and strategic communications, Skyler magnifies our impact and maximizes our clients’ opportunities. An accomplished and creative strategist, he goes well beyond typefaces and colorschemes, crafting visual communications that connect with audiences on a deeper level.

The Mozaic Method

Yes youll see uncompromised solutions on this site a lot

The Mozaic Method is the triple threat of creative services: Our design, content marketing, and lead generation services are designed to bring our clients from creative decisions to sales calls through our proprietary process:

  1. Elevating Brands: We believe in goal-oriented design that ties into your business’ overall marketing strategy through brand, web, and graphic design.
  2. Engaging Audiences: Your brand has a story, and we’re here to help you tell it. Our storytellers help craft and bring your message directly to your target audience in a format that is minimally time invasive to our clients through podcast production, social media marketing, email campaigns, and contextual models.
  3. Fueling the Funnel: The foundation for any successful sales function rests in the quality and volume of new business leads. Our innovative lead generation solution addresses both by tailoring our strategy to our clients precise need, ensuring we are targeting their ideal target client, while automating the mundane outreach function to maintain a consistent funnel of qualified new client consultations

Creation. Connection. Conversion. It’s what we do.
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Elevate your brand. Engage your audience. Fuel your funnel.

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